Accomplishment comes in different forms,

and we at Bais Yaakov Machon Chen help our girls to succeed in many areas, preparing them for life way beyond school.


Welcome to Bais Yaakov Machon Chen.

We are proud to continue the legacy of Sarah Schenirer, the founder of Jewish women’s education, ensuring the continuity of the Jewish nation.

Our mission, therefore, is to educate and transmit the eternal authenticity of our heritage to the women of our generation in a language that excites their searching minds and nourishes their spiritual thirst, thus kindling fires in their souls.

Bais Yaakov Machon Chen has a small school body, a large-scale curriculum, and an even larger heart.

A positive approach, coupled with stimulating lessons, quenches the thirst of developing minds, and an exciting and meaningful extracurricular program maximizes the innate potential of each individual, empowering our graduates to proudly carry the torch of Torah-true and dignified Jewish women.

Bais Yaakov Machon Chen’s goal is to instill the breadth and depth of Torah into its students’ souls and open up opportunities to achieve the ability to earn a dignified livelihood, thus bringing blessing to their future homes.

We are honored to pass our precious heritage from generation to generation, proudly carrying forward the torch of Jewish eternity.

Mrs. B. Kopelman, Principal

Judaic Studies
Secular Studies
B.A. Program

“BYMC believes that you should reach for the stars, in Kodesh and Secular Studies. We strive for excellence in all subjects and provide students with the tools – both spiritual and material – to face their future with confidence and humility. Graduates look back at MC as their most challenging and growth-oriented school years.”

Mrs. H. Weisz, BY Machon Chen teacher


The Judaic Studies department plans ahead! Recognizing that our students are on the brink of adulthood, with a foot still firmly planted at home, our talented and creative teachers nurture their souls with enriching and challenging classes  on a wide range of topics, emphasizing Tanach, Hashkafah, Halachah, and Middos development. Our girls gain an understanding of their responsibilities to Hashem, to others, and to themselves. They acquire skills on a high level and are fully prepared for seminary and life beyond at the end of their two years at Bais Yaakov Machon Chen.


Chovos Halevavos

In Chovos Halevavos, we learn Shaar Habitachon, uncovering strategies to develop ourselves in bitachon, as a guidepost for our daily lives.


Students study Chumash in depth with Rashi and other traditional meforshim, with emphasis on Jewish values for life.

Eishes Chayil

The Midrash Mishlei on Eishes Chayil identifies different women through each of the pesukim. Each of these personalities is brought to life through their sources in Tanach and Midrash, and serve as role models for our students.

GPS (Penimi, Hineini)

In today’s age of technology, our students are faced with a new array of challenges. This course gives them a better understanding of dangers and pitfalls, the social impact and the tools to overcome these hurdles and to make the correct decisions al pi Torah.


The study of the weekly Haftorah includes delving into key meforshim to understand the portion and see its connection to the parshah read that week. Emphasis is placed on gaining hashkafic insights and using them in real life situations.


We focus on the obligations of women, tefillah, Shabbos, and the basic halachos for the Jewish woman and the Jewish home. We discuss halachos pertaining to monetary topics and the workforce. Daily learning of Shmiras Halashon impresses upon the students the power of speech.


Hashkafah courses are based on the Jewish calendar and key Jewish concepts. We impart knowledge and ethical understanding to our students, encouraging them in their personal and spiritual growth and helping them make good choices. We emphasize using Torah as a guide for life and for leading their homes accordingly.

Jewish History

Our Jewish History course covers a period of almost 5,700 years. We learn about events from a Jewish perspective, such as gaining insight into Divine Providence (Hashgachah Pratis) for the Jewish nation. The Holocaust course goes beyond factual history, emphasizing the dedication and moral strength of Jews throughout the generations.


Our study of the Sefer Kuzari with meforshim covers the fundamentals of our emunah. We give our students strong support in their search for the right path in life.


We study Megillas Esther and Megillas Rus with Rashi, based on students’ preparation. Further development with meforshim and midrashim extract lessons to help guide us in everyday life.


We gain insights from the wisdom of Shlomo Hamelech contained in Mishlei and Koheles. These lessons provide us with the proper perspective to face daily challenges and strive for a more elevated and focused life.

Parshas Hashavua

We learn the weekly parshah with Rashi, based on students’ preparation. A concept or topic is explored in depth, providing valuable lessons for our day-to-day lives.

Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers)

Through the lessons of Pirkei Avos, students absorb the teachings of our Sages and are able to apply these lessons in daily life, becoming better people with better middos (character traits).


In our Tefillah course, we learn the translation and explore the deeper meaning of our tefillos. Our goal is for every girl to consider tefillah a privilege and to know that she can turn to Hashem at any time.


In our Tehillim classes we study together several chapters in depth. We aim to give the girls a lasting appreciation of the beauty of Torah, avodah, and gemillas chassadim, as expressed in the words of Dovid Hamelech.


In Tzohar, we learn about the depth and beauty of the mitzvah of tznius. The girls study the applicable halachos and gain an appreciation of the value of their inner selves.

Students can receive B.A. college credits for many of the Judaic Studies courses.

“Machon Chen gave me a warm and caring family, which brought out my potential in every sense. I loved being in this wonderful school! A lot of my classes in MC were necessary for my later studies and a good deal of what I learned in MC is useful at my job in a real estate office. More than one Kodesh lesson remains fresh in my mind, and a lot more that have impressed me subconsciously. And now, more than seven years after I graduated, I am still having private Kodesh lessons with one of my MC teachers.”

E.M.R., BY Machon Chen graduate

“Machon Chen challenged me to change from mediocre to excellent – graduating from a most challenging seminary and acquiring a B.A. degree, all in a warm and caring atmosphere. I will always consider myself an MCer!”

R.L., BY Machon Chen graduate


Machon Chen’s Secular Studies department offers a general studies program in a framework appropriate for our girls, training them to think strategically, learn independently, and equip themselves to enter the job market. All students obtain a Swiss Business Diploma (VSH) in their junior year and a choice of either a Higher Economic Degree (HWD VSK) or training in Real Estate Administration and Pedagogy in their senior year. Students earn separate certificates in Mathematics, Computers, and Languages (German, English, and Hebrew), and, through partnerships with Maalot Yerushalayim, Excelsior College, and Thomas Edison State University, Machon Chen students can earn up to a hundred college credits toward a B.A. qualification.


Swiss Business Diploma/Handelsdiplom HD (VSH)

The Swiss Business Diploma issued by the Swiss Business School Association (VSH) affirms a sound business knowledge and a fundamental commercial education. Subject areas are: Communication Skills, IT Skills, Office Skills, Finance Skills, Business Skills, and Personal Skills. Students receive B.A. college credits for this course of study.

Communication Skills

Orthography, Punctuation, Dictionary and Thesaurus use, Oral and Written Communication

IT Skills

Data Management, Data Security, Data Protection, Copyright, Virus Protection, Web Browsing

Office Skills

Word Processing, PowerPoint Presentation, Online Essentials, Information Collaboration

Finance Skills

Introduction to Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic, Calculation Scheme, Foreign Currencies, Depreciation, VAT

Business Skills

Enterprise Models, Company Concepts and Strategies, Business Cycles, Marketing, Economic Policy, Globalization, Organization Structure, Insurance, Foundation of Business Law, Contract Theory

Personal Skills

Office Etiquette, Event Management, Presentation Skills

Higher Business Diploma/Höheres Wirtschaftsdiplom HWD (VSK)

The Swiss Higher Business Diploma, awarded by the Association of Swiss Management Schools (VSK), prepares students for administrative and managerial tasks in the commercial world. Subject areas are: Business Administration, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Process Management, Project Management, Marketing, Communication and Rhetoric. Students receive B.A. college credits for this course of study.

Business Administration

Corporate Policy and Management, Quality Control, Economics, Business cycles, Supply and Demand, Commercial Law


Basic concepts of Accounting, Cost Accounting, Investment Calculation, Budgeting

Human Resource Management

Corporate and Personnel Policy, Performance and Wages, Motivation, Leadership Techniques

Process Management

Basics of Process Management, Process Flow Analysis, Optimization, Change Management

Project Management

Basics of Project Management, Project Organization, Project Phases, Actualization


Basic concepts of Marketing, Marketing-Mix, Market Research, Sales Processes, and Planning

Communication and Rhetoric

Means of Communication, Sales and Negotiation Skills, Conference Skills, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Complaint Handling

Real Estate Administration

The Real Estate Clerk/Immobilien Sachbearbeiter certifies basic knowledge and skills in all areas of property management. Topics include Architecture,  Management, and Maintenance of all rental properties, Real Estate Law, Property Accounting, Commercial Insurance, and Computerized Bookkeeping.


Basics of Architectural Contractors, Construction Cost Plan

Real Estate

Management and Maintenance of rental properties, Marketing, Setting Rent, Social Competence in dealing with clients and tenants

Real Estate Law

Tenant Law, Property Law, Debt Collection, Bankruptcy Law, Private and Commercial Property Rental Law


Accounting specialized for property management, Computerized Bookkeeping (ABACUS)



This course covers the fundamentals of teaching in theory and aims to create an awareness of the special responsibility of teaching future generations. Topics include: Early Childhood Development, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Methodology, Special Education, Classroom Observation, and Model Lessons.

Early Childhood Development

In-depth coverage of Piaget’s cognitive development theory. The girls learn to recognize areas in need of enhancement and how to help the children develop through different approaches.

Classroom Management

Students learn and practice the tools of setting up and running a successful classroom.

Lesson Planning

Students learn to set short-term and long-term goals, and how to keep their students captivated.


Students gain insights into the different methods one can use in transmitting material.

Classroom Observation and Model Lessons

Students observe experienced teachers and prepare individual model lessons. This enables the girls to apply their knowledge practically.


The Psychology course is based on holistic psychotherapy (psycho = mind and therapy = treatment).

Topics include: basics of Psychotherapy; identifying weaknesses and strengthening them; treating emotional problems like anger, anxiety, frustrations, and trauma;  interpersonal conflicts; handling humiliation and self-rejection; OCD


Students at Machon Chen gain a high level of proficiency in three languages (English, German, and Hebrew), expertise in Informatics, and extensive Mathematics knowledge.


In our English classes, we prepare for the First Certificate of English (FCE) or the Cambridge Advanced Examination (CAE). The English Composition course trains students to write coherently and effectively, using appropriate grammar and syntax. Emphasis on academic writing: descriptive, narrative, illustrative, comparative, argumentative, and research writing. This course awards credits toward a B.A. college degree.

Additionally, each girl reads three books, one each in fiction, non-fiction, and a biography. She writes a book report on each one, analyzing it thoroughly.

Modern Hebrew

Students gain competence in oral and written Hebrew, listening comprehension, and textual analysis. They learn to express themselves in grammatically correct syntax. Students can attain college level B.A. credits through an external language examination.


Students gain expertise in written and oral German. Focus is placed on grammar, orthography, vocabulary, and stylistic expression. Students can attain college level B.A. credits through an external language examination.

Computer Science

In computer science, students in their Junior year complete the European Computer Driving License (ECDL), covering computer theory, databases, and information and communication. In their Senior year, in the ECDL Advanced course, the students learn word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation at an advanced level. The students independently create a computerized business solution.


Students learn Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Photoshop is a photo editing program, Illustrator is a program for creating drawings and illustrations, and InDesign is a program for creating flyers, brochures, newspapers, and books.


Mathematics classes cover a large range of college-level math and algebra topics including: sets, equation solving, exponents and radicals, graphs, functions,  basic statistics, geometry, and logic. These Mathematics courses award credits toward a B.A. college degree.


Business Diploma/Handelsdiplom HD VSH
(Verband Schweizerischer Handelsschulen)

Higher Business Diploma/Höheres Wirtschaftsdiplom HWD VSK
(Verband Schweizerischer Kaderschulen)

ECDL Core, Advanced ECDL
(European Computer Driving License)

Typing Certificate OCG
(European Computer Driving License)

Abacus Certificate
(Abacus Business Software)

College Mathematics CLEP
(College Language Examination Proficiency)

English Cambridge FCE/CAE/Business Vantage
(The Cambridge Institute)

English Composition
(Davar Academy)

German Telc B1/B2/C1/C2
(The European Language Certificates)

Modern German and Hebrew NYU
(NYU Language Proficiency Exam)

Modern Hebrew  TTI
(Testing and Training International)

French Delf A2/B1/B2
(Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française)

Jewish Subject Education TTI
(Testing and Training International)


The B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) qualification is an internationally recognized degree, designed to provide a basic understanding in diverse categories of several subjects. A total of 120 credit points is required for a B.A. degree. This degree gives students the chance to earn a higher salary or can be used as a stepping stone to further education. At Machon Chen, students can acquire 100 out of 120 credits toward their B.A. degree in conjunction with Maalot Yerushalayim. The Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded by Thomas Edison State University ( or Excelsior College ( For more details, see our B.A. brochure.

“Machon Chen pushed me to learn and recognize my potential. The teachers are caring and there for you. Machon Chen gives me, as a former student, a proud feeling that we have this school (which tries to give the best education possible) in little Zurich! It has definitely given me a sense of seriousness about studying and the curiosity and interest to explore and study more, which I would not have gotten anywhere else.”

C.I., BY Machon Chen graduate